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anything BUT ordinary

The photography industry is male dominated. As such, the types of people in the majority of images are what you would expect: white, thin, able-bodied, straight presenting, and quite frankly - ordinary.

I think it's important that when we know better, we do better (thank you, Maya) and thus the 'anything BUT ordinary' campaign became first and idea, and now a passion project. I want to fill my tiny corner of this ordinary world with visions of people who represent us ALL. This is a space for Black, queer, people with disabilities, fat, men, Brown, non-binary, and other marginalized persons who want to see more people like themselves represented. 

Ever wished you saw beautiful photos of someone like you showcased? Then this model call is for you! Use the interest form below to get started and stay tuned for information about our upcoming shoot. There's no cost to participate; just show up authentically and beautifully you. I'll bring the camera, you bring the vibes, and I'll deliver 2 images for you to use as you'd like. Together, we can change the images that fill our screens with people who are anything but ordinary.


want to get in front of the camera?

& we'll be in touch soon

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