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hello future friends and clients! i just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself and give you some insight into who you are hiring.

i am an enfp on the myers briggs, and my enneagram is a type 7- that should tell you everything you need to know!


ok, on a more serious note. i have loved photography all of my life. my passion for photography started at an early age when i held my aunt's camera and continued on to high school when i became a sports photographer for my high school newspaper. that sealed the deal for me and i decided then and there to save up my money and buy my first camera, a minolta film camera. which i promptly dropped and broke the lens.


needless to say, i learned my lesson and i hold my camera's a little tighter now. but with every tragic camera mishap, there is a lesson to be learned. this taught me that lenses are lenses and cameras are cameras, but the vision behind the lens is what matters. i pride myself on trying to get the best out of you during a session so that you see the amazing beauty that the rest of us see. that is why i love taking photos of life; your life and your family's life. there is no greater joy for me than to see someone light up when they see their own beauty.   

if you are interested in my photography services, please reach out to me, i would love to capture your special moments. thank you for your time and consideration!

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